• New Installation of MGO Line (Main Deck & E/R) totally in 27 vessels.
    The works took place on board when scheduled, all pipe lengths were prefabricated ready to fit in our workshop and finally installed on board the vessel.
    (ThenaMaris Eletson Corporation, Euronav Ship Management, Bariba Corporation, Enesel SA, Eletson Corporation etc)
  • Heating Coils Replacement in all Cargo and Slop Tanks, in 3 vessels.
    (ThenaMaris Ship Management)
  • Main Engine & 3 Diesel Generators General Overhauling.
    (Bariba Corporation)
  • Major Piping Repairs / Renewal (Deck, E/R ,Pump Room, Tanks).
    (Eletson Corporation, Minoan Lines, ThenaMaris Ship Management)
  • Tanks Demucking / Cleaning Operations, totally in 3 tankers.
    (ThenaMaris Ship Management).
  • Ballast Tanks Treatment (hydro-blasting, grinding, epoxy primer).
    (Tsakos Columbia, ThenaMaris Ship Management)


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